Kenyan Students on African Outsourcing


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2 responses to “Kenyan Students on African Outsourcing

  1. Isaac

    Indeed Kenyan students are out for outsourcing. It comes a time when technology has to be used for developing nations. Many workshops are being organized to enlighten students and entrepreneurs in Kenya on how outsourcing can be used to help societies develop further. This is really great especially in this era when the world is geared towards becoming a global village.
    A challenge though remains; it is very hard and difficult for starters. Could someone out there perhaps suggest possible ways for starter groups in outsourcing?

  2. Isaac

    I attended one the of the workshops on business process outsourcing that was held in Nairobi in the month of October 2007, where Leila was selling the ideas on outsourcing to entrepreneurs. It was great. Thanks Leila; let’s have more of such a kind!

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