More on txteagle

So last month I wrote about Nathan Eagle’s new project, txteagle, that connects Safaricom mobile phone subscribers in Kenya with a remote work platform to complete tasks via SMS (sort of like a mobile Mechanical Turk). Here’s an update:

  • Apparently the system is now accessible to 15M subscribers in Kenya, and close to 5K have used it so far on categorization and translation tasks.
  • Nathan has worked out an algorithm for competence-based compensation: those users that most frequently return the right answers get paid more per answer.
  • Txteagle sends tasks to multiple people to ensure redundancy and get very accurate results, a popular crowdsourcing tactic.
  • So far, each user can do up to 50 tasks, which are worth about 5 to 7 cents each, and get paid instantly through popular mobile payment systems Mpesa and Sambaza.

If you have large data sets that require human processing, get in touch. Samasource may be helping Nathan find clients for this service.

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