Refinery29 Profiles Samasource and Samahope

Leila Janah Refinery29

The Refinery29 team stopped by the office a few weeks ago to learn about Samasource and Samahope. (Check out the full story here.) I had the chance to describe my vision for Sama ventures, inspired by Thomas Pogge‘s moral philosophy: “My job forces me to travel from a city with the highest median income in the United States to places like rural Benin and Uganda, where the average person makes less than $1.25 a day… They literally break their backs to mine the minerals used in our electronics and stitch the clothes we wear. How is this morally permissible? Our greatest natural resource is the human capacity of the people our current economic system has written off. What propels me forward is the vision of building massive social businesses that enfranchise these bottom billions, treat them fairly, and offer them the chance to achieve their human potential.”

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