Samahope_Wp1Samahope is a website Janah cofounded to crowdfund medical treatments for people who can’t afford them. Samahope was formed with Dr. Darius Maggi, Shawn Graft and Shivani Garg in 2011 after a visit to Sierra Leone, where Janah met a group of women who were suffering from complications after giving birth outside of hospitals. The organization partners with local clinics and hospitals in poor communities with a track record of excellent care and fiscal discipline. Partners post profiles of doctors who need additional funds to treat more patients.  Each month, Samahope collects donations for each patient and sends them to the partner performing the surgery. Partners posts updates on a regular basis so donors may track the progress of the surgeries they fund, and Samahope audits each partner.

It’s simple: no woman or child should suffer from a preventable condition that modern medicine can fix.

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5 responses to “Samahope

  1. This is a nice initiative but (forgive me if I missed it) this can become even more cost-effective if it is also used to fund home deliveries by Trained Licensed Midwives. Many of the complications of home delivery can be avoided by having adequately-trained persons handle the process, especially if they can carry sterile basic surgical kits to the home delivery. If individual kits are not possible, even a bottle and some gauze for preoperative skin decontamination would go a long way.

    A powerful donor-engagement strategy would be to enable pregnant (or, better, recently post-partum) women in wealthier nations to “match up” with a prospective aid recipient. The hormonal & emotional state of a woman who’s just endured childbirth (as well as her familymembers) would increase the likelihood of her/their funding prospective aid recipients, perhaps as a personal way of acknowledging her/their own blessings.

    I’ll be happy to continue the discussion. @3sarkar on Twitter

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  4. The same idea presented by M.Sarkar will endeavor the pregnant women who need to get such assistant especially from the poor families.
    Your sharing this with to your team may come up with a strategies plan for the betterment of these women in need.

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