In 2008, Janah founded Samasource, a social business based in San Francisco that connects people living in poverty to work via the Internet. Samasource provides work to poor women and youth in East Africa, South Asia and Haiti through microwork, a model Janah’s team developed to break down data projects into small tasks. In parallel, Samasource offers high-quality data services to enterprise customers including LinkedIn, eBay,, and the US State Department. To date, Samasource has paid and trained over 4,000 women and youth in nine countries and disbursed $4M in wages. The company’s board and management team includes experts in the fields of technology, distributed work, and economic development. The organization has been featured widely in the press and received the 2012 Innovation Award from US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

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6 responses to “Samasource

  1. Hi Leila, I’m starting up a new UK-based social venture aimed at improving regional graduate employment and providing a realistic solution to structrual problems in social mobility, graduate attainment and regionalism. It would be great to have a chat about what you’ve achieved with Samasource and how you got there. Drop me an email if you’re interested. I’ve also sent you an invitation on LinkedIn; I hope you’ll forgive me using the “Friend” category, there didn’t seem to be a fitting alternative.

  2. Dear Leila,
    I’m a sophomore at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. I am interested in social entrepreneurship and empowerment of women through educational and healthcare initiatives. I have been running a nonprofit that works to empower women and girls in India through the sale of tee shirts and apparel and am studying Samasource for a Social Innovation class by the Penn Nonprofit Leadership program. I would love to connect with you via email or phone and ask you a couple of questions for my research. I am using Samasource as a springboard to understand concepts like SROI and impact assessment and performance management in the nonprofit and social impact space. I would love to hear from you.

  3. Dear Leila,

    I am very inspired by your company’s business model and social enterprise mission. I worked in the Philippines as a training and business consultant for (our family corporation) Business Enterprise and Cooperative Mentors Inc, a consultancy outfit that offers values-based, market-driven, culture-sensitive, and strategic programs that focus on the development and management of human resources. Through these programs, we promote effective entrepreneurship, more equitable wealth distribution, and industrial peace. I’m writing to you because I want to discuss with you opportunities of either bringing Samasource to the Philippines in partnership with BECMI or become your trainer at Samasource and conduct similar behavioral training programs that could be very beneficial to your workers. Here is a link to some of the programs we offer:!

    I’m currently based in the Bay Area right now, I’m very interested and would love to be involved with your company’s social endeavor. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you.

    Best Regards,
    Kathrina Lopez-White

  4. Courtney Fuller

    Dear Leila,

    I am incredibly moved by your story and am so gracious that people like you exist in this world. I am currently a Sophomore at UC Berkeley studying Public Policy, Gender and Women’s Studies, and Global Poverty, and am incredibly passionate about women’s empowerment and international development. I am taking an Innovation and Entrepreneurship class this semester and our final project assignment is to seek out an inspiring Bay Area entrepreneur. As soon as I heard about the assignment, I immediately knew I wanted to take this as an opportunity to connect with the brains (and heart) behind Samasource, an organization I am completely intrigued by. That said, I would love to interview you and find out more about your incredibly inspiring story and how you came to establish something that makes such an impact on impoverished women and children around the world. I am spending next Spring traveling throughout India, Ghana, and South Africa and would love to establish a connection with you either way.

    Please let me know if you can find some time to connect, either over Skype or in person. Thank you so much for your time, your incredible work, and giving young people like myself hope that a better world is possible.

    Warmly and graciously,
    Courtney Fuller

  5. Hello Leila,
    I read about you in a recent article in Forbes magazine and was impressed with your being the founder of Samassour giving digital work to improerished people around the world I all so belive we can change so many lives in this time of the information age with out a lot of schooling or collage and still come out financaly strong and independent thank you for giving me the time and opportunity to share a NOW soloution for working via the internet for you and every person reading this we are looking for influential people that really understand business and / or non-profit issues To get all the info about how Shopping Sherlock works is simple – go to there is a 5 minute video that gives a good overview of the need in the marketplace – fill out your info to take the full tour if this makes sense
    Step 1 shows you how the Sherlock works to save People $ – the average family using the Sherlock saves between $150-$200/mo on things they were needing/wanting to buy anyway Step 2 shows you how businesses & non-profits worldwide are partnering with us and putting the Sherlock to work to earn substantial residual income.
    Step 3 – you can set up your own exclusive Sherlock Saver membership for free as well as get access to the form necessary to procure the license to GIVE away the free Sherlock’s with your business/non-profit branding to other people in your network and position you to earn $ from helping us share this phenomenal tool it is all so a social net work. Along the way there are links so that you can call or email me directly so we can get your questions answered and arrange a call with our CEO Michael Wiedder who can share his vision for the future of Shopping Sherlock – Here is a link to a recent webinar that he did that highlights some of that vision if you want to get a feel for who we are & why this is going to be a billion dollar company. we are looking forward to partnering with your company/organization in the United States and around the world, this is for every one!

    Thanks in Advance
    Thomas Bongiorni

  6. Dear Leila,

    My name is Sabrina Martins. I work for IndiVillage, a rural BPO in Andhra Pradesh, India. I have come on board with IndiVillage through the IDEX fellowship for social entrepreneurs. I will be working with IndiVillage as a business development associate. About 85% of our employees are young women and 100% of our profits are reinvested into the village via education and nutrition programs. I just returned from spending one week with IndiVillage employees in Yemminngur and feel more motivated than ever to bring in some business for these smart and capable women. Rural BPOs face so many obstacles: recruiting, attrition, training, scaling, etc. The hurdles are great, and as a young business woman myself, I know the value of mentorship. I believe Samasource could be an excellent mentor or partner organization for IndiVillage. I am located in Bangalore, but I can be available at any time. I hope to hear back from you or your staff regarding exploring these possibilities.

    Sabrina Martins

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